Friday, 11 September 2015

Sexist Advertising Continues in New Zealand

One of the supporters of our campaign against AirNZ, the SacraParental Blogg is currently fighting the removal of a giant billboard poster in her own suburb of Wellington.  These billboards have been placed around New Zealand, with little care about the impact this will have to sexual violence towards woman. She put in a formal complaint to advertising standards who have decided that the image is not objectionable.  However, as feminist we understand that rather than this being humorous it is very dangerous to the safety of all woman - as the image helps promote rape culture.  Again, we are seeing poor responses to complaints by Access Solutions and the Advertising Standards Authority. To read more click on the link below:

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Flighting Sexism Opening

Awesome opening to Flighting Sexism Exhibition. A truly transformative experience, we broke the silences on sexism and the link this has to rape culture. Thanks to all the artists, to Choirboy for his amazing musical performance, Marewa Glover for her powerful and thought provoking poetry. The children who made planes for the craftivist fence, with feminist messages, totally cuted me out. Thanks for all those who came, this was beautiful community experience. Thanks also to Tory Street for providing this wonderful space.

Hannah Simpson local Wellington Musician just back from the UK
Mother and daughter exhibit together - Marewa Glover and  Tiraha-Ana Glover (Nga Puhi)

Mother Willow will Look After Me.

Capital Steampunk thank you for coming to support us

Kate Sheppard and friends, showing us how long we have been fighting sexism

ICU by Molly Rangiwai McHale and partner Keteiyau Tora 
The craftivist fence, come post a plan, we are all artists, we can all protest.

Choirboy moves us with a song to Micheal Brown, the boy shot by US police as he walked home from school.
Poet Marewa Glover reads her poem No More Sleeping Beauty

Friday, 15 August 2014

Flighting Sexism Exhibition

3 days to go until our exhibition Flighting Sexism!

Date: August 26th, Tuesday
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Location: 19 Tory Street Gallery

This is an exhibition to celebrate our victory of getting the AirNZ Sexist Safety Video Remove. 

The exhibition will included community made installations from, Wellington Craft Collective, Members of a Feminist Mothers Group and Members of a Queer Group who helped make hundreds of paper planes.

As well as an installation of radicalized flight sleep masks, sent by supporters all around New Zealand and the World. Organised by Marewa Glover.

Also, there will be works of art challenging why we are still having to fight sexism, and the intersectionarily related issues of colonisation and homophobia in 2014.  Works include, the following artists, 
Charlotte Sirvid, Choirboy, Emanarchy, Molly Rangiwai McHale, Octavia Palmer,  Ron Tekawa and others.

Come along and make some paper planes and write feminist inspirational message with your friends and children. While listening  the Music of Choirboy and the poetry of Marewa Glover.

Parental guidance recommended: Includes words rape/rape culture and partial nudity in some images.

Come along and make some paper planes and write feminist inspirational message with your children and friends. While listening to the storytelling of Wellington's own Judith Jones and the Music of Choirboy. Marewa Glover will also be performing some of her poems.

Parental guidance recommended

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Flight Sexism

Hey awesome arty and crafty people, we looking for 5-10 artists and crafts people to contribute 
work for our up coming exhibition, which includes a series of community based installations too. 
The theme is,'fighting sexism' and the opening date is August 25th. Also, it would be awesome if 
you are willing to donate your work, and any sales will go to Rape Crisis, though this is not 
mandatory to participate.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Feminist Win - Keeping up the Pressure

It looks like we have won, after appearing in the Australian media, New Zealand media rapidly picked up the story to get the Sexist Safety Video removed.  However, we do not trust the line about not being able to do it immediately as videos are manually loaded or that they were doing this anyway, as none of the older videos have been phased out, so the petition and protest exhibitions are continuing.

We want a formal apology from AirNZ to all the people they have offended and donations made to rape crisis.  To recognise the damage this form of advertising has on how woman are treated in society.

Check the following link,

Thursday, 3 July 2014 put Petition the Page! has shown tremendous support for our campaign to get the AirNZ sexist safety video banned by putting it on their front cover.  THANK YOU

So keep signing and keep sharing this petition, as we want change,